02 / 24 / 2011
261141 Izarrak alde

Authors: Ana Arnaiz, Jabier Elorriaga, Xabier Laka and Jabier Moreno

Published by Jorge Oteiza Museum Foundation

Collaborating institution: Kutxa

The publication, with editions in Spanish and Basque, is the seventh title in the Cuadernos del Museo Oteiza collection and includes the authors’ investigation on the different versions of the architectural project, which was drawn up as a response to the tender announced by the City Hall at the end of 1984, with the participation of 15 projects, none of which were ever put into practice.

The publication analyses various features, such as the integration of sculpture and architecture that is present in the project, its conception of monumentality, the different versions on which the authors worked, the associations with other architectural projects that involved Oteiza and the final vicissitudes that led to the project not being accepted for the tender, which gave rise to an angry public response from Oteiza.