07 / 2 / 2011
Juan Navarro Baldeweg. Heavy or Light

As part of the project “Heavy or light”, a book has been published under the same title. It provides a graphic record of Navarro Baldeweg’s project and an analysis by Gillermo Zuaznabar, lecturer at the School of Architecture of Reus-Universidad Rovira i Virgili.

Throughout Juan Navarro Baldeweg’s career, he has developed the relationship between art and architecture, creating a territory with few boundaries. One of the finest examples of this preoccupation with experimentation beyond the bounds of architecture can be seen in La Mesa [The Table] (1973-2006). The project consists of a large stage on which he has arranged a set of pieces, in which balance, gravity and structural stress combine to create a single work of art. The full piece is currently on display at the Museo Oteiza, as part of the Encuentros exhibition programme.