IXIL AR Alzuza exhibition
Oteiza Museum presents Ixil Ar Alzuza, a photographic project by Jon Cazenave and Alejandro Marote
The exhibition offers a space for relationship and interaction with Oteiza’s work

Museo Oteiza presents Ixil Ar Alzuza, an exhibition project consisting of a sustained dialogue between photographers Jon Cazenave and Alejandro Marote. The intervention, based on photographic language, synthesises aspects of the work and thinking of Jorge Oteiza.The project includes a set of images and audiovisual displays offering a space for relationship and interaction with the work of Jorge Oteiza and with the spaces in the museum. Each artist, working from his own perspective, examines issues associated with the formalisation of space and silence, the representation of nature as an essential imaginary and the structure of the artwork in relation to its symbolic potential.The exhibition will be shown in the Oteiza Museum from 19 March to 24 May, 2015. It is curated by Gonzalo Golpe and designed as a ‘river’ project, transformed with each exhibition proposal, adapting to the venue with the generation of new work and the artists’ own development. An exhibition catalogue is also being published.

The exhibition has been organised with the collaboration of Egüés town council and the Fundación Arantzazu Gaur. As the curator says, “in a world governed by the image, by a culture of the visual, where immediacy in production and consumption have turned photography into a product, this exhibition demonstrates the need to recover the slow use of the gaze, contemplation, the possibility of stopping in front of an image to enter into it”.The project first materialised in an exhibition in late 2013 at the Espacio Gandiaga in Arantzazu entitled Ixil Ar Arantzazu. The title is based on Oteiza’s etymological operator and refers to the space built for silence and, complementarily, to the capacity of silence to delimit the space.

JON CAZENAVE (Donostia-San Sebastian, 1978) began a long-term project in 2007 entitled Galerna [Gale]. The work, consisting of monographic investigative works focusing on the idiosyncrasy and aesthetic of the Basque people, is heavily anthropological in tone. Cazenave uses photography to appropriate the cultural sign and symbols in a way that is very close to contemporary art. His photographs have been shown at international festivals such as Noorderlicht, les Rencontres d’Arles, Photoespaña and Getxophoto and his work has been recognised at events such as FotoPres La Caixa, Voies Off Arles and Descubrimientos Photoespaña. www.joncazenave.com/

Alejandro Marote (Madrid, 1978) is a member of the BLANKPAPER photography group. Since 2008 he has been working on a project that examines the four visible layers of matter: fire, water, air and earth, in which the traces of his encounter with reality are revealed in a continuous and accumulative process of images. It is a plastic advance in constant search of a balance between opposing forces that run from the outer face of form to the symbol. His photographs have been shown at the Museu de Bellas Artes de Castellón, the Fundación Arantzazu Gaur and the Institut Français in Madrid, as well as at festivals such as PHOTOESPAÑA. www.alejandromarote.com.

Gonzalo Golpe. (Madrid.1975). Independent publisher and teacher. From 2010 to 2103, he ran Siete de Golpe, a workshop specialising in self-published photo-books and graphic production for publication and display. He is a collaborating publisher for The Portable Photo, a collection of author applications of Spanish contemporary photographers promoted by the Espada y Santa Cruz studio. He is a member of La Troupe, a group of professionals from the world of photo-book publication and production. www.la-troupe.com.



-Free guided tours

Given by Jon Cazenave and Aitziber Urtasun, educational director at Museo Oteiza.

Saturday 28 March, 2015. 12.00.

Saturday 18 April, 2015. 12.00.

Entry free upon presentation of Museum entrance ticket. Advance booking essential. Go to didactica@museooteiza.org or phone 948332074.

-Children’s Workshop. A World in Images

Workshop for children aged 6 – 11 years, which will consider the importance of photography for telling stories related to our personal environment.

11 and 12 April, 2015. The workshop is given by given by Aitziber Urtasun and consists of two sessions per day (.

Entry free. Advance booking essential. Go to didactica@museooteiza.org or phone 948332074.

Photography workshop with Alejandro Marote and Jon Cazenave

Alejandro Marote and Jon Cazenave will offer a workshop for artists, amateur photographers and art educators, using as their starting point the museum space, its collection and the figure and thinking of Jorge Oteiza as a stage for deliberation through photography. The aim of the workshop will be to create a project. The workshop will start with a preliminary work distance-tutored by the two photographers, leading into a face-to-face workshop on Saturday 25 and Sunday 26 April, which will show possible references, analyse the exercises and their possible publication and examine all the requirements for developing the project.

Price per student: €90. Maximum 12 students. Advance booking essential. Please phone 948332074 or write to didactica@museooteiza.org

-Presentation of the Project at Escuela Blank Paper

At 8 pm on 8 April 2015, the authors will present the project IXIL AR Alzuza at the Blank Paper photography school in Madrid.