05 / 26 / 2016
Sound art workshop. The hearer as a membrane

With Xabier Erkizia

As if articulating Alfred Korzybski’s famous phrase, “the map is not the territory”, words are not what they mean, can a place be represented through sound, or does sound create the place?

This workshop means to produce a space for debate and analysis on the Oteiza Museum’s sound landscape, as well as that of the area surrounding its location, paying special attention to questions such as sound design, noise pollution, sound control, and listening practices related to our daily errands. It is a theoretical and practical exercise that helps us to be conscious of the ways in which we construct our sound imaginations, and the ways in which we put them into practice. It is a way of transforming ourself not just into critical listeners, but those who hear.

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Dates: 19, 20 and 21 August.

Registration cost 80 Euro.

Limited places. Prior registration through didactica@museooteiza.org is required