“José Ramón Anda. Formal cause and matter” exhibition
  • The project is made up of a hundred sculptures, studies and pieces of furniture and focuses on the constructive processes of the artist



Exhibition: José Ramón Anda. Formal cause and matter
Oteiza Museum 21 June – 1 October
Curator: Javier Balda
A production of the Oteiza Museum in collaboration with Kutxa Fundazioa and the Town Council of Egüés.


The Oteiza Museum hosts a new exhibition project that reviews the work of José Ramón Anda (Bakaiku, 1948) and analyses the contributions to sculpture of one of the most significant contemporary artists, included in the second generation of artists linked to the movement of the so-called “Basque School of Sculpture”, which renewed the languages of art as from the 1960s.


The exhibition José Ramón Anda. Formal cause and matter presents a selection of a hundred works, focusing on the constructive processes of the artist and including sculptural works, small studies from the artist’s studio and pieces corresponding to his works of furniture.  All his work expresses the relationships and links his pieces maintain with the main problems faced by sculptors in the last decades of the twentieth century and reconciles the classic references with those of the modern avant-gardes of art and architecture to locate and recognise in his landscape, social and personal environment, a sculpture singled out by time and the process of matter.


The work of José Ramón Anda reveals his admiration for the constructive renovators of abstract sculpture, from Max Bill and Brancusi to Chillida and Jorge Oteiza, with whom he had an intense personal and professional relationship, and the expressiveness and composition in the carving and modelling of the great classics, bringing together in his pieces aspects of geometry and the simultaneous perception of organicity he has applied to so many of his works.


This expressive constant has subtly modulated many of his artistic projects, which combine different surfaces in the same sculptural body, generating a very unique structural logic and poetic of his own, in which the forcefulness of the material combines with the delicacy of the treatment given to its surface, in its encounter with the spectator. In this way, solidity and spatial fluidity are articulated in his work as a permanent link that generates spaces of reflection and tension in a sculpture always subject to this expressive duality in a continuous process in which the organic and geometric coexist without conflict and to which sculpture bears witness.

This exhibition, curated by the artist Javier Balda and produced by the Oteiza Museum in collaboration with Kutxa Fundazioa and the Town Council of Egüés (21 June – 1 October) is complemented by a monographic publication, which includes notes on Anda’s sculptures by the project curator and recovers and incorporates as an annex a critical text written in 1996 by Pedro Manterola, former director and president of the Oteiza Foundation. The project is completed with an extensive educational programme.


José Ramón Anda is an artist with a long-standing professional career running from the mid-1970s to present day. He has staged numerous solo exhibitions and participated in over one hundred collective exhibitions. His most recent exhibitions include The Limits of Matter (Tecla Sala, L’Hospitalet de Llobregat – Ciudadela de Pamplona, 2008) and Forms Against Time (Fine Arts Museum of Bilbao, 2012). He is the author of many interventions in the public space in towns and cities that include Donostia, Pamplona, Tolosa, Zarautz, Zumarraga, Urretxu, Bakio, Galdakao, Bakaiku, L’Hospitalet, Sartaguda and Urnieta. His work can be found in the collections of Museo San Telmo, Museo de Navarra, Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía, Museo Internacional de la Resistencia, Fundación Salvador Allende, Gobierno Vasco, Colección La Caixa, Colección Kutxabank, Colección Caja Navarra, Universidad Pública de Navarra, Parlamento de Navarra and Artium, Vitoria.