Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars. Imanol Marrodán
  • The Oteiza Museum presents the project Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars by the artist Imanol Marrodán
  • The exhibition is part of the Interpretations programme and the centre’s permanent collection



The Oteiza Museum recovers the Interpretations programme with the project titled Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars created at the centre in Alzuza by the artist Imanol Marrodán.

It is the tenth intervention in this programme and seeks to generate a meeting point with Oteiza’s work. It is staged on the second floor of the museum together with the permanent exhibition. The exhibition project is to run from 1 June to 30 September and has been produced by the Oteiza Museum in collaboration with the Town Hall of Egüés.

Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars is an art project that takes its name from a secret document from 1979, attributed to the Bilderberg group, in which they analyse the start-up of various tools designed to ensure social control using apparently unnoticeable strategies. With this starting point as a reference, the author uses his project to propose activating “the practical applications and utilities of contemporary creation as one of the driving forces essential to constructing the future of the social, political and economic community, contributing to determine its changes and evolutions.”

Accordingly, he shows a set of seven different works made between 2011 and 2018. They include four sculptures called artefacts, the result of combining industrial technological elements with organic elements.

The overall project is completed with a large diagram titled Personal Project, contextualising the reflections and connections that make up the project’s structure, together with the intervention titled Reveal and Rebel. Finally, the project includes the work Snow on the Top of El Anboto, which is being exhibited and will be on show during this time in a freezer. It refers “extremely to the concept of the disoccupation of space, as it was understood by Oteiza“.

His intervention in the cycle “Interpretation” follows that of other artists that include Pedro Salaberri, José Miguel Corral, Iratxe Montero, David Rodríguez Caballero, José Ignacio Agorreta, Koldo Sebastián, Manu Muniategiandikoetxea, Florencio Alonso and Pedro Osés.

Imanol Marrodán (Bilbao, 1964) is an interdisciplinary creator and investigator. Among other facets, his work involves a critical approach through different events related to art and contemporary thought as part of his personal creative project. His work has been exhibited in various countries and contemporary art shows and he is the creator of the cultural platform-environment AIR: Arte Independiente Revelador (Revealing Independent Art). He has exhibited his work in the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Portugal, Belgium, Korea, Argentina, Chile, Switzerland and the United States. His work can be found in various collections at museums and public institutions, together with other permanent and ephemeral interventions and sculptures in public places.