Permanent exhibition “Oteiza 1908-2003. The Collection”

The way that the exhibition is set up stresses how important the debate about ideas and feelings that express the opposition between matter and spirit; space and time, interior and exterior; and light and darkness was for the artist.

The exhibition, which aims to provide a comprehensive vision of the key elements in the artist’s creative career, displays 150 sculptures altogether, as well as 300 pieces from the Chalk Laboratory, that come from the collections that the Foundation houses. Among these, more than 35 pieces in plaster are on display that have never been shown before, many of which are linked to the statues project for the Basilica in Arantzazu.

The exhibition is rounded off with a display of 40 drawings and collages by the artist that have never been shown before and a selection of Jorge Oteiza’s documents and manuscripts, many of which are also hitherto unknown, and these provide direct access to Oteiza’s thinking and make it easier to understand the exhibition. These are handwritten and typed texts, notes and drawings from Jorge Oteiza’s personal archive, that have to do with the work on display. This documentation offers the opportunity to get a better idea of Oteiza’s work through the testimony, comments and explanations provided by the artist himself in his original documents.


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