Critical editions of Jorge Oteiza’s works


In 2006 the Jorge Oteiza Museum Foundation began this line of publications that is devoted to revising the sculptor’s written work. This aims to disseminate and look at Oteiza’s aesthetic thinking in depth

The Oteiza Museum Notebooks The Oteiza Museum is publishing a collection of notebooks that explore monographic aspects of Jorge Oteiza’s artistic output. The aim of publishing these is to collect texts, studies and other elements that deal with aspects that help to understand and disseminate Oteiza’s work, that supplement other Museum publications and include those texts that, because of their size, do not fit in other publications. Each of these will be published in Spanish and Basque.

Other publications The Foundation publishes a series of varied books of research work and texts with pedagogical content in order to help to better understand Jorge Oteiza’s aesthetic thinking.