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Oteiza. Catalogue Raisonné of Sculpture
Author: Txomin Badiola
952 pp. Two-volume boxed set. 952 pp.
Recommended retail price: €120.



Published by the Jorge Oteiza Museum Foundation and Editorial Nerea, with the collaboration of the Government of Navarra, Sistema de Museos de Navarra, Kutxa Foundation and Egüés Town Council with support from the Provincial Government of Gipuzkoa for the Basque-language edition.


The Oteiza Museum presents Oteiza. Oteiza: Catalogue Raisonée of Sculpture, containing a critical review of the sculptural work of Jorge Oteiza (1908-2003), a key figure in the development of twentieth-century visual arts and aesthetics.

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The publication is based on research by the author, Txomin Badiola, an expert in Oteiza’s artistic work and offers detailed information on the artist’s sculptural output.



The catalogue is divided into two volumes, based on a primary division between Oteiza’s figurative and abstract work. Each volume is structured into experimental families and sub-groups, in accordance with Oteiza’s own creative process.


Three separate editions of the catalogue have been produced –in Spanish, Basque and English– with a view to disseminating Oteiza’s work in different areas. Each edition runs to 952 pages and contains detailed information on 2,752 works held in public and private collections. There are 2,575 illustrations relating to Oteiza’s sculptural work, charting the diversity of his artistic career. “When I took on the job of creating the catalogue raisonné, I had two objectives. On the one hand, I wanted to offer a compilation of the complete work. At the same time, I wanted to create a structure that would respect the complexity of an artist like Oteiza” says the author, Txomin Badiola.


The Catalogue eschews the conventional approach of offering a linear succession of the artist’s work, concentrating instead on the reasoning behind the work and the plastic and conceptual development to be found in Oteiza’s oeuvre. The books each contain a catalogue of the works (on white-backed pages) with a parallel section giving the wider context (on grey-backed pages).


The catalogue section contains illustrations of the works with the usual technical details: title, catalogue number, date, technique and material, dimensions, type of work, markings, ownership, location and provenance. The other section consists of texts explaining the context of the works within the artist’s biographical, artistic and experimental process.


There is an explanation of the circumstances in which the various pieces were made and how they fit in to certain experimental processes. The section also contains illustrations taken from the studies in the Experimental Laboratory, complementary documents and a large number of drawings and collages.


In addition to these two sections, both volumes also contain more general essays by the author analysing Oteiza’s works in terms of their historical context, other artists and conceptual issues.


The book has been published by the Jorge Oteiza Museum Foundation in collaboration with Editorial Nerea, It has been sponsored by the Government of Navarra, Sistema de Museos de Navarra, Kutxa Foundation and Egüés Town Council, with support from the Provincial Government of Gipuzkoa for the Basque-language publication.



Txomin Badiola (Bilbao, 1957) is an artist with a long professional and teaching career. His work has been included in many solo and group exhibitions in Spain and elsewhere. He has written numerous pieces on art for magazines, newspapers and other publications. Badiola is an expert on the work of Jorge Oteiza. In 1988, he curated the exhibition Oteiza. Experimental Proposition, the first retrospective of the sculptor’s work, staged in Madrid, Barcelona and Bilbao. He was also the joint curator, with Margit Rowell, of the exhibition Oteiza. Myth and Modernism shown at the Guggenheim Museum Bilbao (2004), the Guggenheim Museum New York (2005) and the MNCARS in Madrid (2005). In 2015, he was awarded the Gure Artea prize for his professional career.