• Oteiza y los nuevos paradigmas científicos [Oteiza and the new paradigms of science]
  • Author: Ignacio Sánchez Simón
  • Publisher: Fundación Museo Jorge Oteiza with the collaboration of Kutxa Social
  • 328 pages €18

Oteiza y los nuevos paradigmas científicos is based on the presence of many scientific concepts in Oteiza’s written work and in the titles of some of his sculptures, related to epistemology, chemistry, medicine, physics and mathematics. According to Sánchez Simón, the abundance of scientific terminology has a double intention: “raising aesthetics to a level of precision that is comparable with the epistemological sciences and, accordingly, using it to endorse ontological theses”.

This book looks at the problems affecting the scientific concepts used by Oteiza to illustrate his theses. The range of themes examined is extensive, but also includes specific, measured themes associated with the most rational and abstract of disciplines: mathematics. And said discipline includes the most important and most hidden link between the process of geometrical abstraction of the 19th century and that of Oteiza’s work: the crisis of the concept of dimension brought about by Georg Cantor’s discovery in 1877. Accordingly, the main thesis of this study lies in the association between said discovery and Oteiza’s need for “breaking the connection between Time and Space” at the end of his sculptural period, as well as the privileged use of section in comparison with projection for achieving said purpose, applying all his sculptural work to the concept of wall as a “cut that summarises a hyperspace”.